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Since the age of 14, Kateshia began her passion for artistry, hair, fashion & design. “Beauty is only skin deep – yet enhancing that beauty, through artistry invigorates the soul”.  Beautifully Made Hair & Faces by Kateshia Mack was birthed from the belief that all people are naturally beautiful and she has implemented that into her craft. Her cosmetology journey set forth at Paul Mitchell school and advanced her career through photo shoot preps for play writers, video shoots, weddings and within mainstream television. She has appeared on TLC’s Toddler’s & Tiaras as well as Annette Hill of Universal Royalty and  with Brandy Allan of CRE8 School (Los Angeles, CA) and instructing makeup at Ann Webb Institute. As Kateshia continues her journey through the world of beauty she plans to reach many through her Beautifully Made hair care, makeup, skin care line, mentorship, business development, and more under her business!
Beautifully Made Hair & Faces enhances the beauty within! 
Master Hairstylist & Celebrity Makeup 
Personal Hairstylist/Makeup Artist of Mrs. Annette Hill of Universal Royalty
Hair & Makeup Artist for TLC’S Toddlers & Tiaras 
Former Hairstylist for Mayor TEM Pro Sheryl Cole (Austin, Tx)
LA Fashion Week (2013)  –  Movie Premiere of Vampire Academy – Hair (2013)
Former Hairstylist/Makeup Artist for Junice Rockman (2015-2018)
Published on
Creative Director/Visionary for Fashion and Art Palooza (2015-Present)
Published in Vogue Houston, Dallas, AND AUSTIN (2019; 2020)